Fellows Program

The PDLG Fellows Program offers diverse first year law students a route to summer employment at outstanding law firms and legal departments. It also provides the PDLG Fellows with a series of seminars and programs designed to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge of the Philadelphia legal community.

PDLG Contact

Lois Kimbol, Esq.
Chair, PDLG Fellows Program
PDLG VP of Programs


The PDLG Fellows Program is open to any first-year law student who has overcome significant and unusual obstacles in pursuit of a legal career or  who comes from a disadvantaged background or comes from a background or is part of group that is underrepresented in the Philadelphia legal community. All candidates need to have a genuine interest in establishing a legal career in the Philadelphia area.

Additional criteria include academic record; leadership; oral and written communication, research, analytical and organizational skills; sensitivity to professional ethical concerns; maturity, judgment, and integrity; commitment to the practice of law, commitment to hard work; demonstrated interest in the type of work practiced by the employers in the program; the ability to instill confidence in others; the ability to diagnose and plan solutions to problems; initiative; professionalism; relevant work experience; extracurricular activities and interests and other indicia of the potential for success.

Since the goal of PDLG is to increase the diversity of those practicing law in the Philadelphia area, in order to be eligible to participate in the Fellows Program, a student must have the citizenship or residency status to practice law here long term without needing go through additional immigration proceedings.

Part time, evening and joint degree students are eligible to participate in the Fellows Program, it they: (i) will have completed the equivalent of at least one year of law school but less than two years by May of the year they apply and will graduate two years later; and (ii) have no time obligations that might interfere with a full-time commitment to the summer employer.

The application includes: (i) a completed application form; (ii) a current resume; (iii) student versions of transcripts of undergraduate and first semester law school grades; (iv) an academic reference from law school; (v) a brief statement explaining how the student meets the PDLG criteria; (vi) a writing sample from law school; and (vii) such other information as the PDLG requests or is relevant.

2021 Participating Law Firms

Archer & Greiner, P.C.
Ballard Spahr LLP
Blank Rome LLP
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, PC
Conrad O’Brien
Dilworth Paxson LLP
Faegre Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP
Duane, Morris & Heckscher LLP
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

Flaster/Greenberg PC
Fox Rothschild LLP
Hogan Lovells LLP
Holland & Knight LLP
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell and Hippel, LLP
Troutman Pepper,Hamilton Sanders, LLP
Post & Schell
Reed Smith LLP
Saul Ewing LLP
Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis LLP
Stevens & Lee
Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
White and Williams, LLP

2021 Participating Law Departments

Comcast Cable
Independence Blue Cross
Lincoln Financial Group
Temple University
The Vanguard Group


The PDLG Committee will review the applications and select those to interview based on the criteria listed in the section on eligibility. Those applications will be submitted to the PDLG Fellows Program Committee by email to loiskimbol5647@gmail.com.  Each part of the application (form, resume, list of activities and honors, personal statement, legal memo, law school transcript, other transcript(s)) should be a separate attachment to the email.

If you are interested in applying but you attend a law school that is not in the Philadelphia  area or does not participate in the PDLG Fellows Program, please contact Lois Kimbol to confirm your eligibility before preparing your application.


Representatives of the participating PDLG law firms and legal departments (the "PDLG Committee") will conduct interviews of the selected candidates in February of each year. The interviews will be  similar to on-campus interviews, although somewhat longer. The interviewers will have been given full copies of their interviewees' application packages. Those interviews are scheduled  on a Saturday in mid-February. Students will be notified of their selection and of the time of the interview by email earlier that week – if application materials are missing, students will be told when they must be received.

At the conclusion of the day of interviews, the PDLG Committee will select those candidates who, in its judgment, based on the application, interview and any other relevant information, are the most qualified, are most likely to succeed as summer associates, and have a genuine interest in establishing a legal career in Philadelphia. Each selected candidate will then be randomly assigned to an employer for an interview for a specific job.  Of course, no candidate will be assigned to an employer where there would be a conflict of interest. The interviewing employer will be provided with a full copy of its candidates' application packages and any other information developed as part of the  PDLG process.

By the Monday after the interview day, all students will be notified by PDLG whether they have been selected for an employer interview and given a preliminary employer assignment. However, until the student is contacted by the employer, the assignment is only tentative - sometimes PDLG has to change assignments because of unforeseen circumstances. Where changes must be made, they are made as randomly as possible and as soon as possible.

In general, each employer will interview two to three candidates (depending on the number of candidates available) and will make an offer to at least one by early March. There is no assurance that someone from each law school will be hired and, based simply on the numbers, not all those who are interviewed by employers will be offered jobs.

Employers will contact their candidates to schedule interviews within a week after being notified of the candidates assigned to them and will make decisions within a few days of the conclusion of their interviews. Employers understand that students have classes and other academic obligations and need to schedule around them and we ask candidates to understand that interviews can involve as many as five practicing attorneys who also have complicated schedules, making flexibility in scheduling vital on both sides. It is also very important that interviews and decisions be made promptly so as not to disadvantage other applicants who are also waiting for decisions. A student who will not be available for an interview during the interview period specified in the application must say so in the application so we can try to make special arrangements. Otherwise, if a student is not reasonably available for interviewing during that period for reasons other than emergencies, the student may lose the opportunity to be considered during this first round.

Because often there are other students waiting for initial offerees to make decisions to accept or decline their offers and because the willingness of employers to participate relies on all spots being filled, we strongly encourage all those students to whom offers are made to respond as soon as possible, preferably within a week of receiving the offer.

Participating PDLG law firms have also agreed that if they make an offer outside the PDLG Fellows Program to a student who is matched with another participating PDLG employer for interviewing, the firm will keep the student’s offer open until the PDLG process is complete for that student.


Students selected for summer employment will receive a letter from the employer confirming the selection and the details of employment. The final decisions will not be made by the PDLG - in fact, the PDLG will not have advance information about employment decisions.

From time to time and for various reasons, there are positions that open up after the primary round of employer interviews and decisions.  If that happens, some applicants may be offered another interview opportunity. Each year we have had several positions filled through this process, but it is not required that a student participate.

Each year, application materials for some students not offered jobs with PDLG employers are provided to the Montgomery Bar Association Diversity Committee for consideration under their Summer 1L Programs for diverse law students. Many participants in those Programs are chosen from PDLG applicants. On the PDLG application form there is an opportunity to choose whether to take advantage of this opportunity.

If hired by a PDLG organization, PDLG Fellows will receive the same salary other first-year summer associates/clerks/interns (if any) are paid by the organization. Salaries and length of summer employment will differ significantly among the firms and organizations. Each participating employer has committed to fully involve any student hired through the PDLG Fellows Program in its summer associate/clerkship/internship program (if it has such a program), provide the Fellow with a mentor and provide appropriate and continuing feedback and training. The PDLG representative of the employer or his or her designee will serve as an additional mentor. Historically, PDLG has paired each Fellow who is not working at a law firm with one of our member law firms so that all Fellows will have the opportunity to be involved in some law firm summer training and social events.


All PDLG Fellows participate in two required programs before work begins. They may be virtual or in person this year. The first is a writing program which will include a seminar in late March combined with one-on-one writing mentoring to be completed before starting work. The second is an orientation session held by the PDLG on a Friday in May, after exams end at all participating schools but before summer jobs begin. This orientation program is designed to acquaint the participants with the general expectations of the employers, the nature of the work and the legal environment in which it gets done. It is essential that all students arrange to participate in both programs. Long distance participation is possible in some situations.

The PDLG hosts 3 to 4 lunch seminars during the summer. Again they may be virtual or in person this year.  All  Fellows are requested to participate unless a job related activity conflicts with the seminar.  Most years there has been an evening reception at which the Fellows can meet alumni of the Fellows Program as well as lawyers in PDLG member firms and legal departments.

In the past, the PDLG orientation session and summer seminars included topics such as key things to know about working at a firm, law firm finance, writing and assignment skills, working for or within a corporate law department, dealing with difficult situations, interviewing techniques (for law firms and other legal jobs) and how to make use of the summer experience in career planning.  There are sessions on law firm and judicial clerk hiring programs and practices.  In addition, there is a session on networking - how to make the most of formal and informal networking opportunities. This program is held in advance of the summer reception so that the lessons learned can be used at the reception.


Historically, those hired through the PDLG Fellows Program have been able to choose screening interviews for summer 2L jobs with a set number of law firms that hired through the Fellows Program that year.  Similar in form to on campus interviews, the PDLG screening interviews have been held as part of a firm's on campus interviewing or  at the law firm. There are no 2L jobs available just for PDLG Fellows and no PDLG participating firm is required to hire for the 2L summer - screening interviews are merely a way for PDLG Fellows  to get a chance to meet with the firms and demonstrate what they have accomplished and why they would be valuable 2L summer associates. The firm decisions are based on an overall review of the candidate's qualifications and the firm's hiring plans.


October 14 to November 10 PDLG Fellows Program Presentations to 1Ls:

Wednesday, October 14 – 12:30 to 1:30; Drexel

Thursday, October 15 – 12:15 to 12:45; Villanova

Tuesday, October 27 – 12:00 to 1:00; Temple

Tuesday, October 27 – 5:30 to 6:30; Rutgers

Wednesday, October 28 – 5:15 to 6:15; Penn

Tuesday, November 10 – 5:00 to 6:00; Delaware/Widener

December 1 – Earliest date to submit application

January 15 - Applications due to PDLG)

February  –13 Interview day by PDLG Committee; selection of candidates and assignment to employer

February 16 – March 3  – Employer Interviews and  offers

March 5 - Target date to have notified all successful applicants

This schedule assumes that all necessary information – including first semester grades – is available by decision dates and that mutually convenient employer interviews can be scheduled during the noted time period.

Name School Email
Aponte, Alejandra Drexel aba69@drexel.edu
Brown, Brielle Drexel briellebrown021@gmail.com
Charles, Simone Drexel snr82@drexel.edu
Gill, Sukhdeep Drexel ssg59@drexel.edu
Johnson, Charnique Drexel ckj28@drexel.edu
Randolph, Shae Drexel shae.l.randolph@drexel.edu
Szerenyi, Caroline Drexel cszerenyi@gmail.com
Yilmaz, Yusuf Drexel yusuf.t.yilmaz@drexel.edu
Moore, Vionna Howard vionna.moore@law.bison.howard.edu
Hraniotis, Jake Penn pjh23@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Loftus, Mary Penn loftusm2@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Magsaysay, Raymond Penn rvm@pennlaw.upenn.edu
McMullen, Robert Penn rtm@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Moran, Kevin Penn morankev@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Parmalee, Brooke Penn brparm@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Sauermann, Benno Penn benno@pennlaw.upenn.edu
Morgan, Skyler Penn State srm5985@psu.edu
Evans, Ashley Rutgers evansashley105@gmail.com
Gibson, Ben Rutgers ben.gibson@rutgers.edu
Melendez, Shelly Ann Rutgers shellyann.melendez@rutgers.edu
Teuton, Isabel Rutgers isabel.teuton@rutgers.edu
Velazquez, Alexandra Rutgers alexandravvelazquez@gmail.com
Wade, Ambriana Rutgers ambriana.wade@rutgers.edu
Wang, Ya Rutgers ya.wang@rutgers.edu
Becton, Khortlan Temple khortlanb@temple.edu
Evans, Bianca Temple bianca.evans@temple.edu
Gomes, Dillan Temple dillan.gomes@temple.edu
Ha, Tram Temple tram.ha@temple.edu
Jones, Terence Temple terence.jones@temple.edu
Katzmann, BK Temple bk.katzmann@temple.edu
Lieberman, Arden Temple arden.lieberman@temple.edu
Meyers, Marissa Temple marissarmeyers@temple.edu
Mikkilineni, Harsha Temple harsha.mikkilineni@temple.edu
Nguyen, Raymond Temple rnguyen@temple.edu
Pilgrim, Virginia Temple virginia.pilgrim@temple.edu
Stiles, Raymond Temple raymondcstiles@gmail.com
Vila, C. Ben Temple cbenvila@temple.edu
Levi, Leah UMd lplevi@umaryland.edu
Legagneur, Sydney Villanova slegag01@law.villanova.edu
Son, Samuel Villanova sson8@law.villanova.edu
Stockley, Sierra Villanova sstockle@law.villanova.edu
Shah, Shiven Wake Forest shahsg19@wfu.edu
Walters, Kimberly-Joy Widener kwalters@widener.edu